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Fashion Photography Mentorship

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Fashion photographer Yael B.C will guide you through the process of overcoming your fears to discover a new world of photography through her years of experience as a fashion photographer.

Learn how to come up with a fashion story, make a mood board, contact the right people to collaborate with, get published in magazines and get your dream clients.

The end goal is to be featured in a fashion magazine. You will also get to know what your strengths are and develop your own visual language.

What you’ll master:


- How to plan and build your portfolio
- How to come up with a story
- How to make a mood board
- How to contact model agencies, stylists and makeup artists
- How to find the right location
- How to stay focused when having too many ideas
- How to select images
- How to edit and retouch images
- How to submit your work to magazines

- How to pitch potential clients

What's Included:

- 30 minute Zoom session to talk about your goals
- I will guide you through the whole process above via email
- An email with bullet points on step by step instructions

(basic knowledge of PS required)
- After the shoot I will help you select images and give tips on how to edit them
- Two more 30 minute Zoom Sessions to answer questions you might have in between and after


Price: 590$

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About Me

I'm a published photographer for Vogue Italy, Flanelle, Nordic Style Mag, French Fries, Pump Magazine, 'At' Magazine and many more.

With a BFA in Photography from Bezalel Art and Design Academy, my works are orientated in fashion, fine art and portrait photography. I'm focused on brand identity, fashion lookbook, fashion advertising, promotional portraits, fine art photography and editorial photography.

Among my clients are fashion brands, designers, makeup artists, beauty and aesthetic companies that need the perfect visual to communicate with their clients.

For more information contact here.

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