Hi! My name is Yaël and I'm a fashion, portrait and fine art photographer from Israel.

With a BFA in Photography from Bezalel Art and Design Academy, I focus on fashion photography and portraits, while the selection of photographed subjects and their role changes according to the subject I want to explore.

In my photos I try to express a sense of restraint and postponement. I'm searching for something intimate and introverted in my photographed subjects on the one hand & inner strength and quiet charisma on the other.
The manner of directing, the forms and the colors in my photographs draw inspiration from the aesthetics found in nature, in mammals and in birds.

l often research species of exotic plants and wildlife and translate elements that characterize them into my work.

My photography process has two main methods of operation: a well-planned photograph that serves a precise pre-defined purpose - a product of a workflow consisting of learning and researching of the photographed subject and the other elements of the work; and a photograph that is born out of an initial idea or concept that has not been fully defined and develops in the process.