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Yael Bar Cohen is a photographer, high-end retoucher, videographer and video editor based in Iceland.

With a BFA in Photography from Bezalel Art and Design Academy, she focuses on portraits, fashion and fine art photography.

Her unique aesthetic spaces are a result of conceptual ideas which meet the visual, blurring lines between reality, memory and imagination through accurately composed elements and subjects in her frames. Her photographs take the viewer into a semi-supernatural universe: exploring contrasting shapes, contorting the boundaries of perspective, as well as embracing the myriad of organic and synthetic textures.

The manner of directing, the forms and the colors in Yael's work draw inspiration from the aesthetics found in nature. By often researching wildlife, she translates elements that characterize them into her work.

Time and reality stand still and even actually escape Yael’s photography and indeed also escape the viewer's mind, providing a profound sublime sensation.



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