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Yael is definitely something else!

Such a pro, devoted and inspiring photographer.

We did an outdoor session, she took me under her wing and assisted me from top to bottom- whether it's in finding my vision of the outcome, choosing the amazing and right location for me, and even some much needed styling advice

It was also a super fun experience thanks to her awesome vibes.

I came with already high expectations and the results totally exceeded them.

Thanks Yael and and book me for the next one in Iceland!

- Gilad Nash

Yael is an amazing photographer and a great person. I had the privilege to meet her in Iceland and do a photoshoot with her. I loved the flow of our experience: it was relaxed, focused and fun. I am happy with the results. She captured the tone, ambience and me in captivating artistic compositions. I totally recommend her services because she is professional at her craft and a beautiful person as well. 
Thank you, Yael!

- Ivan Ercegovic

Yael captured amazing shots of my family and I that we will cherish forever. She is very professional and friendly. She gave great guidance and made us feel at ease. I highly recommend her services!

- Stefán Yngvi Pétursson


I have done two photoshoots with Yael (one editorial and one for casting portraits) and I've been amazed by her flow, her eye, her calmness and enthusiasm. This, plus her talent and skill, make it so pleasant to be in front of her camera.

The results are pictures you'll hold dear to yourself for a very long time. I highly recommend reaching out to her!

- Elisabeth Nienhuis

Yael is an incredibly talented photographer. She made being photographed in frigid Icelandic winter weather such a blast. I highly recommend her, especially if you want flattering and fascinating photos that have unique angles.

- Jewells, All Thing Iceland

A great photographer. Photos were absolutely amazing. The vision and location were unique and reflect Yael's strong aesthetics. She made it really relaxed and fun and gave us timeless pictures that we will always love. Overall: best ever.

- Mor Peer Dover

Not everyone finds it easy to stand in front of a camera. Yael has the ability to make a relaxed feeling, which facilitates and affects the quality of photographs. The result was amazing, high quality and impeccable professional images. Hope to meet you in more projects, you are lovely, thank you very much!!!

- Rachel Gal-Or

Yael came to my recording session and took amazing photos! Really professional and good to work with, barely noticed her at all during the actual session and yet the pictures were really personal and warm.

Takk Yael!

- Snorri Hallgrímsson

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It was so amazing to work with Yael. My band did a photoshoot with her and we didn't really know what kind of photos we wanted. She has a great vision and everything looked so cool - she definitely took our brand to a new level. She is also very kind and nice and I would totally recommend working with her. We will definitely work with her again!

- Hlöðver Smári

Highly recommend! We spent a few hours together and had a good and fun vibe with her, and most importantly, we came out so beautiful!

Stunning and professional photos.

Thanks Yael for everything!

Also from our dog Chai :)

- Roni Sever

Yael has a very clear talent. Her work is sensitive, intelligent and full of depth. She not only has the talent and skills, but also an amazing personality - she's kind, pleasant and humble, which makes being photographed such a comfortable and fun experience! Thank you for everything ❤️

- Yifat Tassa

I chose Yael to shoot PR photos for my business and it was the best choice I could make.
Yael first and foremost is patient, attentive and stunning.
She's professional and the session was beyond all expectations.
It was a long day and yet I enjoyed every moment. Warmly and lovingly recommended!
The results speak for themselves!!!!!


- Danit Rotman

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Yael is a very talented and professional photographer!

It was amazing working with her and I highly recommend her as a photographer.

Looking forward to working with her again.

- Silva Don Harris

Yael photographed our event and it was great - she's incredibly talented, professional and responsible, manages to capture every moment without being noticed at all. Lovely photos even in non-optimal lighting conditions. Everything we could ask for. Thank you Yael!

- Daniel Mann

My photography experience with Yael was simply amazing. She's a pro when it comes to planning sketches, being professional (+ good vibes) on the set and her photoshop skills are extraordinary! I highly recommend her as a photographer.

- Lia Dan


Yael has a keen eye for detail, which is why I was confident when working with her that the photos she would take would be beautiful, as they were. All in all it was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again in the future. This time, in Iceland!

- Nikki Fenster


It was such a delightful experience working with Yael. She made sure that each of us were comfortable in our space and captured the essence of what exactly we had in mind. Definitely recommend!

- Ion Hotel

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Yael is such a great photographer! Easy to work and communicate with, initiative, creative and thinks outside of the box. The results were perfect. Highly recommended

- Yinon Sofer

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Yael photographed our latest jewelry campaign. Apart from her clear talent she has a big heart and she did everything with great love. Thank you Yael!

- Tamar Alkobi


Yael is a wonderful photographer. Very dedicated and professional. I highly recommend her!

- Sigurður Sævarsson

Bell Always

Yael is a true artist, very professional and fun to work with. Highly recommended.

 - Nir Tsfaty

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